Rubbish or Real?

It took Second Birth for me to realize that there are myriad gods. I did not like what the Bible was saying, until my heart was opened to discern the One whom I had ignored and worse.

Who knew? I didn’t. I was like Paul, a religious person who considered church a place and knew its ceremonies inside-and-out. But, like Paul, church for me was a noun, a religion; it was not a verb; it was not an active, interactive relationship with God.

Relationship with my Maker? Who was I to presume such a thing? Who was I to think I could ask and/or even converse with the Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise?!? But then I was intercepted like Paul was: by a Person, not by a theory or set of beliefs, but by a Person who is real and alive.

I understand now why Paul said he considered all things rubbish as compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus, up- close-and-personal. Me, too. Jesus has revealed Himself to me, first removing the stone-cold heart that came with my being human, then replacing it with a heart that was soft and circumcised. I will never stop thanking Him for performing this surgery: a heart transplant.

Now I watch for others whose Jericho-thick-high walls are tumbling down. Mine is to be available to come alongside, ready and willing to encourage another to seek to know and love the God who is above all other gods. Mine is to share that, for me, relationship has replaced the rubbish of my former, duty-driven life. I rejoice to watch as He brings the whole wide world into His Hands.

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