Who’s On First?

The trials of Job are challenging to hear about, and the theologies of his friends are no comfort to him at all. I know people who are suffering through tragedy and physical afflictions, yet all I can offer is to say how sorry I am they are having to go through this. As I come alongside in person or in prayer, my hope is confident they will be met by God eventually, as Job was. Finally. After all the agony Job had to suffer, he received undeniably abundant consolations from the One who allowed his suffering in the first place.

For me, it was trials that eventually broke me, and I shattered into pieces. Shards! Slivers! In recovery they call this “hitting bottom” and some, like me, hit bottom more than once. I had to discover that I was utterly powerless and clearly not in charge of my life as I had always erroneously thought. That’s how I learned what Leonard Cohen meant about how the Light gets in. Through the cracks!

Maybe some don’t require breaking; maybe some are less stubborn, less reliant on their own intellectual prowess than I was. Not me! I was hard as rock! Multiple places of my heart had scars from hurts and wounds. For many perfectly understandable reasons, I had stiffened against even considering the claims of Christ, whom I could not see with optical eyes. No one can.

Now I pray for anyone who is “out there” like I was once: on my own, using natural wits and human wisdom. We are born free to do and say and pray any way at all. You can pray to Zeus if you want to, but I am persevering in my little corner, praying for God Most High to be revealed for us who were born human. Stained. Inked with hubris.

Indelibly inked? I think not. What think you? Chime in if this post resonates with you. It’s a safe place to share!

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