Tennis Anyone?

My prayer life lately has seemed like playing tennis — me “sending a shot” into the Court and waiting for it to be returned. I no longer try to tamp down my shots — I send them with all my might, fully loaded with all my wishes, hopes, and dreams. God knows what’s in my heart — so who would I be kidding? At last, I do finally GET that it is God who is God and not me, so when I hit a shot into His Court, I can hear myself saying, “May You, Lord, do with this whatever is good in Your sight.”

Wow, to truly mean that can be so hard sometimes. Like yesterday, when it felt like light years waiting for God’s “return shot.” It didn’t help me very much to remember that days and weeks (and even years) are mere moments in God’s time. This particular interval seemed interminable to me, as if the situation had turned to slow-moving, poured molasses. Then suddenly, in one single hour, God broke the score from Deuce and brought it into Game-Set-Match!

It is now twenty-four hours later, and I can still hardly contain the joy I feel. The only word that comes close to describing my gratitude is “Inestimable.” Truly, it’s not just victory that was achieved here. God actually made the score LOVE ALL.

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