Whitney McKendree Moore
God says, "Tell of My works and sing My praises!"

I believe God created each of us to be an instrument, played anyway He wants to enrich His overall, infinite song. My song seems to be for women in recovery who know who the Higher Power is, who seek a relationship with Him that is up close and personal, who know Him by Name and press into Him daily so they can hear His heart.

So, how do we do this? Sometimes it's by sharing and praying as part of a RIB Group or BS-Busters Bible Study; maybe it's singing at a nursing home, library or women's retreat.  Other times, it's sharing honest, active conversations on my blog, The Question Corner, maybe finding books that inspire and encourage us.

This site is being offered for born-again women in recovery to find: safe places to discuss hard things; opportunities to sing and talk very honestly; avenues for speaking truth in love; books that inspire getting real with God, with ourselves, and with each other.

Let's share this journey together. Chime in at my blog!

Moonlight Serenade 


Bringing songs that heighten
gratitude and gladness.

Bird of Paradise


Offering safe places for applying
the Bible to real life.

The End


Letting the LORD
be LORD when we assemble.